Thursday, 26 July 2012

Batty Batty 123 Count

Devotees of the great sesame street will remember "The Count" and his numeracy song. Last night incorporated a visit at dusk to Stanhope to meet a bat survey team resplendent with not quite enough  midgy protection nets to go round, prepared for a bat count. Good job the local police had been tipped off in advance as this sort of dress code in the half light might be misconstrued.

In addition it is a good job that there has recently been a fast charge point installed just to the east of Durham City. Access to the very  top of Weardale and back  is now no problem. Excitingly the entrance to this new charge point is via a magnificently marked "Bus and electric vehicle only lane" which somehow makes me feel extra special .

Monday, 23 July 2012

Abbey Road

No pedestrian crossings- just a trip up to beyond Blanchland against a force 50 wind necessitating an emergency drop down to the evening peace of Hexham  to use the quick charge point outside the leisure centre and waitrose (with a distant view of the Abbey) in order to get enough puff to get back home.
On an unrelated note our attention has been drawn to the Nissan leaf's record breaking reversing speed attempt at Goodwood this year (70 mph apparently) . I am assuming that results in one big flat battery.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

This is cruise control to Major Tom

In a very long and informative conversation with a traffic warden ( lets call him David)  at a charging point the other day he tells me that they as a group of peaked caps have access to a pool car Leaf and they have an informal "ladder of achievement" in terms of maximum miles per charge. His discovery is the use of the cruise control button. To date I have ignored this button as a piece of nonsense but there is no doubt that it is better at using fuel than is my foot on the accelerator. Here am I sitting in a tin can with both feet free and only a steering wheel to play with. Time to practice some Irish dancing.