Wednesday, 22 August 2012

side by side

its not often i fetch up against another leaf - but here at the Customs House in South Shields I found a charging friend. The journey to and from South Shields is an ideal one for electric miles; you can hardly go above 40mph so the mileage rate is very good and miles used seems almost to match miles travelled.
This is not the case when travelling to Darlington or even Newcastle if you cover a stretch at 60 or 70mph. Miles disappear at an alarming rate - i call it double time. P

cave drawings

worked with young people at The Cave in South Shields this week. The car co-ordinated well with their graffiti logo. p

health check

Called at Pallion Health Centre the other day and was able to use the charge point for the first time. Its not a publicly listed point and on previous visit it was occupied by a non-electric pharmacy van. P